Affirmation and Action (part 2)

All our life coaching clients are encouraged to speak positively about themselves and/or use ‘I am’ statements.

Having a motivational song that boast your confidence thru out the day is also a wonderful tool.  ‘Ghetto Child’ by Shaggy is popular so is ‘The Hall of Fame’ by script.

Affirmations work but Affirmation + Action = Victory

The video blog below shares a little story on positivity:



Affirmation and Action

Mom did not cook jerk chicken while swinging her hips rhythmically to reggae; dad did not sprint home for dinner cause he was always running late on ‘JMT- Jamaica maybe time’. No, I did not grow up in a ‘stero-typical’ Jamaican household, I don’t remember anyone punctuating sentences with ‘yea mon’. But I do love the music of Bob Marley. When you listen to his filler in Buffalo Solider: ‘Woy-yoy-yoy’, you hear not just random sounds but rather the cry of a people fighting for survival.

‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves cant free our minds.’ It comes as no surprise that the life coach likes Redemption Song, where the lyrics clearly assert an individuals power to change their mindset. It is such a clear truth: the only person that can liberate your mind is you! Can you imagine what you will accomplish when you are in control of your thoughts?

For this reason, I encourage my clients to use words of affirmation; to strengthen themselves by speaking positively. Say ‘I am an amazing dad’, ‘I am beautiful outside and inside’, ‘I am wealthy’, ‘I am intelligent’. Speak greatness into your life even when you don’t feel incredible. Use these affirmations as an aid to you achieving your goals. If your goal is to get promoted to senior manager, you tell yourself ‘I am a senior manager on an effective team!’. Then comes the important part: take the steps required to get that promotion,  network, study in your spare time etc

After all affirmation must be coupled with action! If I was trendy, I try to coin to a new word like ‘affiraction’ or maybe ‘affirmation’ to highlight the required coupling of affirmation and action, but I am not sure if they would really catch on 😊. Witty made-up words aside I will state this simple truth again: for affirmation to be effective must be backed by action!

Just to add a picture to the text: here is me in Bob Marley T-shirt.

JB bob

Client Testimonial-Power of Affirmation

When I started coaching I used to wonder if I was really meant to be a life coach, if I was any good, if I really made a difference in the lives of my clients. I questioned if I had the right to help people on their journey. One day when I lay in bed with all these doubts laying on the bed next to me, this testimonial written by Marisa Supia appeared on my facebook feed.

I share it with you unedited, just her words and the picture of herself she posted….


The Power of the “I am factor/ affirmation words

On my 2nd consultation with my Life Coach has asked me to work five I’am affirmation words. And this was going to be discussed in our 3rd session, we would meet every Monday at 21 Pm, I loved the fact that she was always on time. So came Monday the 20th of June 2016 we meet for our normal session. She asked me to say out my five affirmation words I had more than five because before I started consultation with her I had already written a few words for myself. Which are: 1. I’m a woman of prayer, 2. I’m a woman of praise, 3 I’m a woman of power, 4 I’m a woman Passion, 5 I’m a woman of peace. While I was doing life Couching with her I was building a two bedroom house for me, of course, my dad was helping me with the construction. It was a Monday, 20 June I was at work looking at the calendar I was joking with a colleague and said to him it was June already, mid year already and what have you done for so? In the back of my head, I asked myself the same question, and for a moment I got sad cos I thought that I did nothing, cos all I could think about was the fact that I was still single or in an undefined relationship and that hit me. But I quickly thought of the house I was building, the savings I had at that time and how I managed to discipline myself cut off some expenses because of my priorities. At that moment I thought that I had to write down my five affirmation word’s statements in my life coaching session later on that evening, so I took my previous five words that I had written done for myself and added three more. So in that moment it occurred to me that I was:

  1. A woman of Prayer 2. A woman of Praise 3. A woman of Power 4. A woman Passion 5. A woman of Peace 6. A writer 7. A builder 8. Worth it 9. An Entrepreneur 10. Enough

Later that night, when it was time for our session, she called. We talked for a while about our weekend since it was Monday after the weekend. Right after she went back to business and asked me to state my Words of Affirmations words. So I told her about the five 5 that I had written for myself before taking a coaching session with her plus the ones that I have just added. She was happy to hear them and I was happy to know that I was each of those affirmation I state. As the session went on, we talked about my priorities, accomplishments and future plans. At the end of the session before we said goodbye, she asked me to close up the session with my 10 I am factor words, I did. She requested that I say those words to myself every morning. The power of those words changed the thoughts I had about myself, I was powerful, motivated, inspired, passionate so much as soon as we said our goodbyes I started writing, because am a writer. I know that a lot of you out there, may not be where you want to be right now on, Relationship, Finance, and Career but I am sure that you have achieved in other sectors of your lives. Either than thinking of what you ARE NOT think about the I’AM and write down on a piece of paper and stick it in a place that you can see, read it to yourself every day, believe it and you will see that the list will grow instead of five you will have ten.


Life Coaching-How to achieve your goals

I went Quad biking last weekend, something I have not done in at least 15 maybe 20 years. The picture is prove; thou as a fashion coach I probably should hide it, that camouflage onesie was not the highlight of London Fashion Week. Anyway before I side track and discuss why onesie are great transition pieces, lets get back to Quad biking.

There were two things the instructor said that were good common sense principles not just for Quad biking but for life. First, look where you are going. So many times we look back; sometimes to check on others. This is admirable, after all it is important to care for those around us. Sometimes to celebrate where we have come from, also great reflection can be beneficial. Truth is there are so many really noble reasons to look behind us, but know this- it is impossible to hit your goals if you do not focus forward. So the question today is what are you looking at?


‘Don’t be afraid to make wide turns’ the instructor said. So many times we are timid when we need boldness, drastic actions and wide turns to get us back on course.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you already set your SMART goals that were specific and measurable, you made sure they were achievable and relevant.  There was even a due date to make sure your goal was time-bound. I am happy that so many of you are on top of this goal setting business. But how are you on goal achieving, are you going to meet your target? If not, you need to course correct, now. This very moment, take the necessary actions. It may be a little change such as talking the stairs instead of the lift to achieve your step count, or something as big as moving careers to give you the economic stability you desire.

Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to make wide turns, but please look forward while turning otherwise serious accidents will occur.

My name is Joie D’Vivre, and I am a life and fashion coach.  Thanks a bundle for reading my blog.  If you would like to hear more about life coaching, send me an email to arrange a free 15 minute consultation. My goal is to respond to every email in 24 hours or less, and yes on this matter I am in the goal achieving business. 😊


Life/Fashion Coach-Reflections on 2016

The latter half of 2016 was wonderful. I enjoyed working with clients to remove their self-imposed barriers. I cheered them on as they got promotions at work, improved their romantic relationships, streamlined their businesses and made lifestyle changes resulting in significant weight loss. I also expanded from life coaching into fashion coaching, working with clients to pursue their dreams and find their personal sense of style.

Now, the irony of me being a fashion coach, is shopping was not my favorite pass-time (going from store to store used to be my idea of torture); while I find Vogue entertaining it is hardly a life obsession. In fact, my ever glamorous best friend let out a hearty laugh when I told her about the expansion into fashion. With an amused smile, she asked ‘Do you actually have any fashion clients yet?’ and in a way too perky tone, I replied, ‘Yaass’.

It all started when some of my clients who lost weight were still dressing ‘fat’; you know still wearing baggy clothes to cover their stomachs or hiding behind black/dark tones. So I took them shopping and got them to try different styles with varied textures and colors. We talked about the outfits and accessories that make them feel great inside and look amazing on the outside.  I reminded them that fashion is not about what the catwalk deems stylish; ney it is about but what makes men feel dapper and reminds women of their true beauty.

Yes, in 2016 mine was a front row seat to my clients changing their mind-sets, their style and their lives. I am excited about 2017, I hope you are too. Continue to look within and pull out the very best version of yourself.