Who am I?

The first time I wrote in the Who I am section, I said this, ‘Who I am is not important, as is who I help you to become’. I wrote this because I passionately believe that life coaching is about empowering clients to look within themselves and find their strengths and talents; it is not about the coach giving advice or opinions.

Then a friend I respect pointed out a simple truth, ‘the world does not know you; your friends know you in part but the readers don’t. You should tell them, tell them about you.’

So instead of answering ‘Who am I?’, I will answer ‘Why am I a Life Coach?’. My name is Joie (French for Joy) and I am gifted at encouraging people to achieve the very best version of themselves.  I am passionate about coaching; about working with you to set realistic goals that you will achieve.  I know from experience that when you meet your goals, something incredible happens; you realize that you can meet goals. If your goals align to your dreams then meeting goals keeps you firmly on the journey to  achieve your dreams.

There is  a thrill of working with clients on a recovery plan if it does not go as expected; ‘Realism drenched in optimism’ is great phrase. Yes I enjoy being a cheerleader for my clients even when they don’t know they are winning.



In the picture of me (above) you will notice another hand on the staircase. It is the hand of my biggest cheerleader/life coach and mother, it is the hand of the person who taught me to look within.

Want to hear more? Watch out for the blogs or drop me a note on lcjoiedvivre@gmail.com for a free 15 minute consultation. Because life really is a Joy.