Life/Fashion Coach-Reflections on 2016

The latter half of 2016 was wonderful. I enjoyed working with clients to remove their self-imposed barriers. I cheered them on as they got promotions at work, improved their romantic relationships, streamlined their businesses and made lifestyle changes resulting in significant weight loss. I also expanded from life coaching into fashion coaching, working with clients to pursue their dreams and find their personal sense of style.

Now, the irony of me being a fashion coach, is shopping was not my favorite pass-time (going from store to store used to be my idea of torture); while I find Vogue entertaining it is hardly a life obsession. In fact, my ever glamorous best friend let out a hearty laugh when I told her about the expansion into fashion. With an amused smile, she asked ‘Do you actually have any fashion clients yet?’ and in a way too perky tone, I replied, ‘Yaass’.

It all started when some of my clients who lost weight were still dressing ‘fat’; you know still wearing baggy clothes to cover their stomachs or hiding behind black/dark tones. So I took them shopping and got them to try different styles with varied textures and colors. We talked about the outfits and accessories that make them feel great inside and look amazing on the outside.  I reminded them that fashion is not about what the catwalk deems stylish; ney it is about but what makes men feel dapper and reminds women of their true beauty.

Yes, in 2016 mine was a front row seat to my clients changing their mind-sets, their style and their lives. I am excited about 2017, I hope you are too. Continue to look within and pull out the very best version of yourself.


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