How To Make A Change

‘An object remains at rest or at constant speed unless acted upon by a force.’ Not my words but Newton’s in his first law of motion. The simple truth is, if there is something stagnant in your life, it will remain so unless you do something. If you are not happy with your current trajectory do something about it or nothing will change.

But what does doing something look like? What type of force needs to be applied to make a change effective and lasting?  A physics lover would remind us that energy is the product of force and distance, so the amount of force is proportional to the energy put in. So do not just say ‘I am going to make a change ’, boldly state ‘I will exert the energy required to make a positive to change in my life’. Then go and do just that.

Engineers at this time may point out a simple manipulation of Ohm’s law shows that resistance is a function of energy;  when you exert energy, resistance is a scientific probability- so don’t be surprised when it seems like your ‘well meaning’ family and friends are putting up road blocks to you achieving. It is not shocking its science! So keep pressing forward, even if in the beginning it appears that there is no movement and no progress. Keep applying the right type of energy and go the distance (after all energy is a function of distance).

So go on confidently declare, ‘I will exert the energy required to make a positive to change in my life despite resistance despite obstacles’…. And do just that!


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