Enjoy Little Things (Spiritual Blessings)

A Spiritual Blessing  

penned by J Buchanan (Inspired by the Holy Spirit)

May God be your Processo, a reminder of the sparkle he placed in you, an accessible taste of luxury.

May the Most High be your Champagne, symbolic of both the wealth and bubbleness that overflows in all aspects of your life.

May the love of God be your sweet brown Rum, wonderful on its own yet the most important ingredient to the cocktail of life.


The text above made me laugh today; not a riotous lol where I literally laughed out loud, more a sqtm.  You know smiling quietly to myself. Some say ‘appreciate the little things’ but should you to do more than appreciate and cherish; should you aim to enjoy small moments?  If the answer is yes, I challenge you to make it happen but keep it simple.

  • Appreciate being able to move when so many are crippled with pain, you may find pleasure in 5 minutes of chair dancing or exercising.
  • Cherish your family, tell a joke that encourages shared laughter.

Yes, can be that simple to enjoy the little blessings. That is if you choose to enjoy…..




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