Pause:Dealing with Death



It was the evening of Monday 11-Jul-16, I remember it well; I was preparing for my regular coaching clients when I got a watsapp message which read, ‘sad news today Marisa Supia died’. Truth is I expected another message saying ‘the old her is gone and she has re-emerged more fabulous than ever’ or something in that vein, something that said she was not really dead. You see Marisa was not just my regular Monday 9pm Life Coaching client; she was person I respected greatly, a vibrant young woman determined to make her life better and impact those around her. Conceptually and practically, I know life is finite; but there was something about that night, about me preparing for her coaching session when she had already left this earth that made me pause.

As I paused I thought of some of my happiest memories at childhood sitting at the feet of my grandmother gleaning a fraction of her wisdom; I thought of my learnings from past relationships. I thought of my passion, empowering others to achieve their very best, I smiled as I thought of the progress my clients have made pressing forward to achieve their goals. I chuckled with my work colleagues about the scientific discovery that the chicken really did come before the egg. I laughed with (and at myself) as I reflected on my life, my decisions and the necessary adjustments required.

I paused but I was not passive.  This is my challenge to you, no passive pausing, find the time to actively reflect on your dreams and more importantly the necessary adjustments required to achieve your dreams.  If you want some assistance, drop me a note at





2 thoughts on “Pause:Dealing with Death

  1. It has been a month now since Marisa passed away.
    She was a coworker and a friend. And my life was enriched by knowing her.
    Although I knew Marisa for over three years, it was only within the last year that I had the pleasure to periodically interact with her. She was a young woman who was not afraid to be outgoing and experience all that life could bring.
    The last two months, we had more in-depth conversations. I noticed over that time, Marisa was changing. And it was for the good. She exhibited an inner calm about her life and how she communicated with others. She was growing into a strong confident young woman.
    The last time we talked, we had a mildly headed conversation about the choices people make. And I took on the role of defending those choices.
    Marisa however, was not having any of it. She stood strong to her faithful foundation. And I couldn’t help but smile inside, knowing that she was on her way to a joyous fulfilling life.
    As we parted that night, I made a statement about an issue we could discuss at a later time. Her response to me was, “And I will challenge you on that”. Whenever I think about it, I smile knowing that indeed she would have.
    I regret not being able to continue our conversations. But in her own way, she has challenged me through her words and actions.
    At that time Marisa told me about her weekly life coaching sessions. Initially, I thought “that’s nice”, trying to better herself. But at that moment, I was not putting two and two together. Clearly, it was the coaching sessions challenging her own life choices that were responsible for her new found direction.
    Marisa, you are surely missed. I just hope that someday I can reflect on our time together without the tears. Thank you Marisa, for your kindness and compassion.


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