Brexit: Latin Dance? (different perspective)

What if, we consider taking one step backwards and three to the side not as defeat, but as the Cha Cha Cha or some variation of it?  What if, in the wake of the Brexit vote we applaud the active political engagement and passion of our country? What if, we imagine both sides of the campaign were dancing Latin, and acknowledge one was doing the simple salsa while the other well the Cha Cha?  Would our perspective and our reactions be different- if we thought both sides campaigned and voted for their version of a better, stronger UK?

No one with an iota of common sense thinks that ‘happy thoughts’ or forced positive energy will stave off any negative economic and social impacts resulting from the vote. That being said, I am certain that those visionaries who can see past today’s emotion will be successful. Some will seize opportunity in business and career, others will go into education or politics to help steer the country, still others may choose to migrate to raise the standard of living for their families.

So the real question is, will you embrace your inner visionary? Have you committed to being informed, to closely watch the direction of the economy and glean knowledge to make smart decisions? Will you challenge yourself to seek opportunities not just financial but also personal and spiritual? Will you be the visionary that brings a fresh wave of Latin dance lessons, which may be ironic given the post-Brexit wave of xenophobia?

#Lookwithin: in times of uncertainty, take a fresh look at your goals? Are they still realistic? What extra mitigation is required to ensure you stay on track?

#Lookwithin: What are your hidden strengths that you can capitalize on at this time? More importantly, what are the negative believes you need to  shed, to allow yourself to be successful?



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