Be your own Life Coach (Expert in you)

Some people in the world are morning people. I am not one of them. In fact, I think there is no such thing as a good morning until about 11:45, when it is about to become a good afternoon.  So when people suggest doing more with my mornings; I smile and take any useful techniques to make the most out of my afternoon/evening. You see, while you should be open to advice and new ideas, never let other people (no matter how well intentioned) impose on your life. Friends and family may know me well but there is only one person in the world who is an expert on me and that is…. (you guessed it)…ME. This principle is the basis of every coaching session, empowering clients ‘You are an expert in You’ #lookwithin

So to all the people that are not believers in the latest self-help/motivational craze out there, my advice to you is sip a glass of champagne (or lemonade) and figure out if some bits can make your life better. If not file it all to the bin. Of course, since you are an expert in you, there is no obligation to take my advice.

In the interest of openness, I would like to share something that works for me, much to the distress of my siblings I hasten to add. At the beginning of every year I write my eulogy. The premise is if I die this year what would I want my family, partner, friends etc to say about me at my funeral. What would I want them to say without lying for politeness sake; then I live my life accordingly. Of my sisters I wish them to say she was there for us; she loved us unconditionally- so that is the framework for my interactions with them. I want my colleagues to say she was efficient and a delight to work with, hence I exhibit these traits at work. I admit this may be too morbid for some, but writing my yearly eulogy helps me to focus my energy on what is really important to me.

Now we come to the part of the blog where I state the obvious and appear to teach you my informed readers ‘how to suck eggs’ by sharing some really basic stuff. The first law of thermodynamics is conservation of energy; since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, you have a fixed amount of energy to dedicate to the different things going on in your life. So if you focus your resources on unimportant tasks you will have less energy for what you know really matters. Use your energy to vigorously pursue your happiness. Yes, it is simple but then life coaching is pretty simple. #lookwithin


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