Life Coaching Reality:No Lemonade

Life Coaching Reality:No Lemonade

I have loved thoroughly and had my heart broken; fact, if you give someone your heart they can crush it. The relationship between hard work and career progression is not linear; pouring your passion and soul into your business does not guarantee success.   Yes sometimes despite your best efforts, life hands you big sour lemons and you can not make lemonade. Seriously, you do not always have access to clean water or sugar.  I have learnt, it is ok to admit that you have lemons. Let me repeat for emphasis, it is ok to admit reality; there is no shame in acknowledging disappointment. In fact it can be empowering.


One of my most thrilling experiences as a coach is working with clients to set their new goals after they have faced their lemons. These targets are drenched in self-believe and optimism, but with generous sprinklings of reality; they are split into manageable chunks to make them easier to bite.

I can hear the cynics questioning, ‘people pay you to help them come up with their own actions to achieve their goals? Seriously?’ The answer is a resounding yes, as a coach the aim is to help every client look within to reach their goals  irrespective of lemons or lemonade.

PS: when life hands you lemons, hand it back and demand Champagne instead. Or perhaps some Prosecco.



4 thoughts on “Life Coaching Reality:No Lemonade

  1. Hello Joie D’Vivre!

    Good Afternoon, thanks for your talk and information very interesting!
    I can see Jesus shinning through You! keep up the good work! God bless you Dearly



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