I walk with a spring in my step, a little bounce so to speak. Looking at me, you could not tell that in my pre-teen years I had arthritis; some mornings when I woke up moving was down right painful. The doctors said that by the time I reach 20 walking may be very painful.

Well, as I write this today, I am little over 20 (ok perhaps a decade over 20). Walking is pain free due to exercise, medication, and perhaps most importantly great spiritual and mental health. I may have some difficulty dancing, but that is solely a rhythmic issue on my part.

You see, I learnt that walking is a joy. This is why I am so excited about being a life coach, because life is a joy or with a french twist Joie D’vivre.#LCJoiedvivre

Look within or you will be without- a simple truth to live by. #lookwithin

You have great power, if you do not seek the answers from within yourself, you will be without happiness, peace and most of all joy. (Yes, life coaching is not about revolutionary ideas and ground breaking truths, it is simply about bringing out the best in people).





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